#FallFrenzy Week 2 Tips

#FallFrenzy Week 2 Tips
Keep blogging! The bloggers who put out the most content last week were the ones who won! Stay up on breaking events. Check Twitter trends and other sports sites and be ready to blog when a breaking topic hits the wire! Keep promoting. You're doing …
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Do You Have to Optimize Your Blog Title For Search?
The debate ranges from “Don't even bother with a post unless you're going to optimize your blog title” to “Write great content for your audience, and SEO will happen naturally.” … Here are three quick tips for writing headlines that show up in search …
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Since having a fashion blog. I frequently get asked questions about how did I get started and if I have any tips. Well this video is for you icon wink #FallFrenzy Week 2 <b>Tips</b>

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Your Business Blog Sucks. Here Are 6 Reasons Why.

Your Business <b>Blog</b> Sucks. Here Are 6 Reasons Why.

Your Business Blog Sucks. Here Are 6 Reasons Why.
What isn't content these days? You hear about it all the time, you know you have to do it, you might even be doing it. But, are you doing it right? Just because you've started a business blog, doesn't mean you're a content marketer. Don't worry, though …
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Zoella Sugg, online queen: followed by millions but 'cripplingly shy'
She decided to forgo university in favour of an internship at an interior design company and then, in search of a creative outlet, she ventured into the world of blogging. She is adamant that she never saw vlogging as a potential avenue for …
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mqdefault Your Business <b>Blog</b> Sucks. Here Are 6 Reasons Why.

Sorry if this sounded very money focused at the start… The more practical tips start at the 8min mark. I will try to do a second video soon other things I didn’t touch on. If you have any questions about blogging, please ask them in the comments below because I might turn the answers into a second video

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