The Truth About Internet Marketing (Part 1)

The Truth About Internet Marketing (Part 1)
There's a misconception commonly held by the less technical among us that Internet marketing is somehow easier than traditional marketing. Intuitively it makes sense: no paper need be printed, billboards erected, nor commercials filmed. Placing ads on …
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Online Marketing Company fishbat Announces the Success of its Diverse
Dedicated to produce personalized Internet marketing campaigns, fishbat has designed and implemented a wide array of digital marketing strategies for brands across diverse industry verticals. These services, intelligently crafted by blending advanced …
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What is an internet marketing specialist and what do they do? The definition of an internet marketer. A video from the team outl…

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25 Responses to The Truth About Internet Marketing (Part 1)

  1. Trent Brownrigg says:

    What is internet marketing and what does an online marketer do?
    #internetmarketing ?

  2. KingDave740 says:

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    your membership becomes free then you help those 3 people get 3 people and
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  3. Spook SEO says:

    Thank you for this documentation. Just like a typical employee, you have to
    spend time here. At first, you may have to level the time you spent here
    with the other jobs that you do but it will not be necessary through time.
    Traffic will be built through time. ?

  4. zakoblivioa says:

    so how much do u make a year??

  5. way thomas says:

    Great video looking for Internet marketing let me help you email me

  6. Top Marketing Force says:

    What is Internet Marketing? A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer. What
    is Internet Marketing? A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer.?

  7. AbolsITSolution s says:

    excellent video ?

  8. Slavica Gorunovic says:

    I love money, I like online earnings, I like $ — check my channel
    Wonderful video, so nice!!!

  9. William Mathieson says:

    Hi Trent, GREAT video. Internet Marketing is an incredible lifestyle if you
    are dedicated to your personal success. ] Thanks for sharing.

  10. Maya Fitzmaurice says:

    welcome to the Team !

  11. Ramonita Disbrow says:

    LOL!!! Good luck!

  12. Maida Llorens says:

    sounds pretty good to me.

  13. Sun Ahn says:

    thanks..its much appreciated

  14. RoyBoyDakiller says:

    Sorry i got my answer already.

  15. RoyBoyDakiller says:

    To do internet marketing do you need to know how to develop websites. I am
    17 i want to choose between web developing and or internet marketing.

  16. Make Money Online With Yury says:

    Excellent video Trent. Very detailed and thorough. It is a tough business
    and does take time and dedication to reap the rewards!

  17. Teddy Matthews says:

    This is my favorite video

  18. Make Money from home says:

    A lot of views in one day

  19. Vernita Quivoz says:

    It works

  20. Aleshia Seumanu says:

    this business is perfect, i can only recommend!

  21. Rocket Singh says:

    Hey Trent, your video is good and you are correct it is a challenge for an
    online marketer to explain what exactly they do,,, yea for me has been 2
    years into online marketing, now thinking to have a corporate video made
    can you suggest some good and of course affordable marketing/media agency
    who can make a video of around 3-4 minutes?…thanks

  22. Derrick Branch says:

    Is the travel industry a good niche

  23. Trent Brownrigg says:

    It can be. It’s huge and very competitive, so if you try to go after the
    big players, you aren’t going to get anywhere. But if you find your own
    niche within the overall industry and take your own angle at it, then you
    can certainly do well with a travel internet marketing business.

  24. James Marshall says:

    I just got hit by Penguin 2.0… I was about to quit IM and SEO… Then I
    found this video. IM forever!!! :D

  25. Mss Ann says:

    Helpful video, you explained good informative advice, but I always had this
    question In mind, are ebay sellers Internet marketers or retailers? thank
    you! xx

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