Tumblr brings in-stream ads to Web dashboard

Tumblr brings in-stream ads to Web dashboard
Tumblr may finally be catching up in the advertising game with the launch of in-stream ads on its Web dashboard. When Tumblr users scroll through the dashboard on the Web, they'll now see sponsored posts appear alongside posts from blogs they follow, …
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Twitter said to be prepping ad re-targeting exchange
Twitter is said to be readying an ad exchange that would let marketers target ads directly at users who have visited their Web sites. According to AdAge, Twitter is hoping to challenge Facebook's own so-called re-targeting exchange, otherwise known as FBX.
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Google's dirty little secret: it's ruined online advertising for everyone else
The more I think about Google's recent introduction of paid channels on YouTube the more significant this event becomes in my mind. The reason is that it is an admission of the failure of its online ads. It's an admission that revenue splits with video …
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Advertising + Communism = Strange Things On the Internet
Harry Egipt: During Soviet times advertising had an entirely different purpose than it would have today. For example, it shows the absurdity of Soviet planned economy that the commercials produced by a state-funded agency were sometimes prevented from …
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