How To Be The Best Host You Can Be

How To Be The Best Host You Can Be
I teach a class on hosting from time to time, and I always start by trying to nail down what the term “hosting” means. Everyone seems to have a fairly casual idea of it, but so far none of my students has really thought about it much. “It's where the …
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Tips For Hosting A Pool Party
With summer heating up and many Americans taking vacation for the Fourth of July holiday, millions across the country will be gathering together with friends and family poolside. Here are The Onion's tips for enjoying a safe, fun, and memorable pool …
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7 tips for hosting a lemonade stand
During the summer, kids' activities often consist of hanging out with friends, going to camp, taking family vacations, and basically living in the pool until their fingers are pruney. But why not make this summer an opportunity for your little ones to …
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Lisa Vanderpump's Guide to Entertaining: Tips for Hosting Girls' Night
Clearly, Vanderpump has endless advice when it comes to hosting fetes. So of course, when she shares her party-planning expertise we're happy to listen! PHOTOS: Quick tips for preparing dinner. Lisa's sharing some of her best entertaining tips with us …
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